Monday, June 04, 2007

Which way is Down

Dutchman Kid Sublime makes serious underground groovers, often heavily referencing Moodyman & Theo Parrish, but also Hip Hop, deep Nu Jazz and Soul. His series of Basement Works 12"s (there are 5 volumes I think) have a good range of tracks, some of which are more accessible, while others go off on that Detroit man's sound sculpture direction and give the effect of being above ground while the subterranean distorted vibes pulse beneath your feet. This untitled track from his 5th volume (it's the second track on the b side) comes off a little like one of those classic DJ Q Filter releases, it's a simple and catchy keys based Disco loop designed to create positive vibrations across the floor. Sublime's debut album ('Basement Soul') on Kindred Spirit was a lot more Soul heavy, I of course felt it was missing some of his Disco leanings, but the more I listen to it, the better it gets and is a key release for the new Dutch beats onslaught. Do hunt down his stuff and feel that Amsterdam easy going attitude.

Kid Sublime - Untitled (b2) - bw5

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