Friday, July 20, 2007

The Mighty Wah Wah

It amazes me that I had no idea who Wah Wah Watson is, after even the most cursory search I find he is actually Melvin Ragin who was the guitarist for Bohannon & Love Unlimited Orchestra, but has also worked on albums with an incredibly diverse and extensive range of people, including Eddie Kendricks, The Undisputed Truth, Rare Earth (he played on 'Ma'), Herbie Hancock, the list goes on. Anyway it seems he did only one solo album called 'Elementary' in 1976. OK I'm sure a lot of you already know who he is but why am I talking about Wah Wah? Well because the second Brubekk edit I wanted to post is of a track off his solo album.

It's exactly this sort of discovery that makes the whole idea of Edit's interesting and exciting for me, obviously there is the musical aspect; how the editor remoulds the track, but also the idea of introducing you to something you may not know. It's educational like...

I love this, slightly melancholic, deep, epic Cosmic'ish Disco groove and the vocal is superb (which has shades of Bowie don't you think?)

Brubekk - Wahwahwatson


jez said...

Thanks Chris, you've inspired me to dust my mac off and have another crack at an edit.

Jez / brubekk /

chris keys said...

excellent news!!! really excellent!