Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Press Play #5

Belgian DJ, Diepvries has come up with an extraordinary mix of deeply underground and left of centre Afro, Cosmic & Disco for A.N.O.E's Press Play series, simply called 'Cool-De-La'. I've had this on repeat since I got it two weeks ago, it's full of advanced music that's nearly impossible to describe, that defies categorization, that enlightens and causes much grooving about the room. It's the soundtrack to a world of visionaries who say things with music that could never be spoken and appeal to a primal urge to dance. Mix of the year so far... I kid u not! (well for me anyway, and there isnt even any of that sweet sweet Disco I live for either)

Diepvries works at the very special online store Flexx (known all over the world for their excellent stock selection & brilliant service) and runs the uber cool Diepslog blog. A number of tracks in the tracklist are currently going as unknown, if Tom manages to remember who they are he'll pop the info up. In the meantime do yourself a favour and download this beauty!!! (As always the link is under Press Play on the righthand bar)

unknown - reincarnation
david byrne & brian eno - very, very hungry
codek - tim taum
unknown - miyo
iam siam - talk to me
max essa - i guess you get a tan in california
bronski beat - signs (and wonders)
ricardo cioni - fog
kyoto - venetian blinds
unknown - 24 Hours Cargo (Solo-Less Redub)
mudd & pollard - dub stravos
badly drawn boy - promises (a mountain of one version)
david byrne & brian eno - moonlight in glory
arthur russell - in the light of the miracle

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tim said...

kyoto - venetian blinds