Monday, July 16, 2007

Spaced Out Philly Funk

Back in the 70's many a musicians and song writer would have us believe we'd be dancing into outer space, the future was from or even in, another galaxy. The trip there would be, excuse the pun, 'out of this world'. While we're still dancing, these days it's a little more 'party before the whole thing goes to hell' and for some of us looking backward is looking forward. Well maybe that's a bit of a simplification, nevertheless my point is Space was the place and I still dig this vision and vibe, even if my personal focus is to do what I can right now.

Here's Fat Larry's Band doing 'Space Lady'; seriously mindless lyrics about love in the stars just can't bring down the bubbling Afro Jazz Funk Party. From their 'Spacin' Out' album back in 1978 on Fantasy.

Fat Larry's Band - Space Lady

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