Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Take it

Arthur Adams of The Crusaders, seems to have recorded only the one solo single (from the info I've managed to find). The first minute or so of his 1981 track 'You Got The Floor', is a deep Soul Space Disco groove of the highest order with Arthur's warm tones basically handing you the floor, a little later the track breaks out into some noodling and a raw earthier vibe. It flows like syrup out of the TC Curtis track I posted some way down this page, if you're looking to mix it in a set, now all I need is the original tapes so i can do an extended dub edit of the first bit....

Arthur Adams - You Got The Floor


Matt said...

Not sure if you'll see a comment this far down the page, but I'm loving this one Chris. I've really been enjoying the Crusaders a good bit lately and this is just right. I've not heard the solo Joe Sample "Carmel" LP from 1979 either. I'm thinking it'd probably have some choice cuts as well. Take care.

chris keys said...

Hey Matt, hope you are well, I get alerted to messages so I shouldnt miss a beat ;)
Inspite a fair amount of downloads, no one commented on this, until now, I was wondering if anyone liked it as much as I do... glad you responded, I think it's cool!!