Monday, July 02, 2007

u can do one too...

Lets Do An Edit home of The Disco Plumber, put out two 12"s last year with a bunch of stripped down edits of some relatively obscure funky bits. The Plumber's version of Ronnie Dyson's 'All Over Your Face' lovingly draws out the tracks main groove, making for a clean but intense ride, the trick is, of course, to make it seem easy. I recommend the flipside take of King Errison's 'Disco Congo' too which is pretty special though the original is really tough to improve on. If you don't know Errison, his 'Space Queen' should be heard, along with my favourite 'Back From The Dead'.

Ronnie Dyson - All Over My Face (The Disco Plumber Edit)

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Anonymous said...

i AGREE mista keys ... its clean and intense .. its a shame i just brought up all my food all my dogs face. its a pity as i dont remember eating that !!.. another top choice edit .. hope ya well m8 .. keep on keeping on..

chris keys said...

hey Jsun - that's hysterical!!! Doing well here - hope you are too - enjoy!!!!