Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blades Of Glory

From his ridiculously good newish album 'Sound Sculptures Volume 1', Theo Parrish's 'The Rink' quiet simply is where it's at; a stop start midtempo stormy brew of hip grinding thundering beats and a Marvin Gaye cut up, like only Theo can do. I first heard this on a live clip posted over at Horse Latitudes (I think) and thought then that if I didnt get this, I'd have to quit record collecting. Now my only feeling is its way tooo short.

Theo Parrish - The Rink


Anonymous said...

yeah-this is the track that I took off the 'live recording of his session at plastic people- it's so, so heavy-has been in my bag ever since it came out.
theo's doing a new monthly? thing at plastics so will have to see what new stuff he's playing.

chris keys said...

hey Jak - i heard about the monthly - talk about blessed!!! lucky bastards!! the track is silly good - exactly what u wanna hear from theo...