Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not that Usher, Never that Usher!!

Regulars at ANOE will know, I'm always a bit concerned about putting up stuff that's pretty new and only hope that since it's really just a listening quality mp3, that you'll go out and buy the original. Right moving on... Al Usher's 'Gnanfou' has been rocking my world for a few weeks now, it's a very well produced slice of deep contemporary Disco, with lots of cosmic electronic detail, bits with lush guitars, a lovely swaggering feel and a pulsing midtempo electro bass line (no not that kind of electro). This a grower that just goes deeper with ever listen. The flip side has Swag turning it into a dancefloor heavyweight which i recon dj's will favour, and another classy little number called 'Here Today'. Al's been making some pretty incredible sounds, 'Gnanfou' has also been doing very well for the man. Go buy it on Misericord, it's a keeper.

Al Usher - Gnanfou


Anonymous said...

Totally in love with Al Ushers sound, everything i hear is gold.

Especially the remix of Grandad Bobs hide me from '06, still one of my faves.

chris keys said...

yeah i agree - i love his sound