Thursday, June 24, 2010

j love #2

Here's the second Julien Love edit you're getting from the Oz dj. Actually i really dig this version; Telex's 'Moskow Disko' has been a long time favourite that never leaves my record bag. There was another edit of this monster Electro bomb out a few years back, which i think was Canadian and is also hot heat. Julien takes it further though, adding extra punch, tweaks and some 808 body poppin' action, without removing the originals retro flavour. Super! Thank you Julien!

Telex - Moskow Disko (Kebabi 808 Mix)


Jameszilla said...

this is great!! where can I nab a 320 (or buy the vinyl?) of the edit to play out?

chris keys said...

hey jameszilla
there is no vinyl, nor has this been properly released. mail me for a 320. my email is in my profile. or leave yours here.