Thursday, June 24, 2010

we love jpm

Jean Pierre Massiere has in recent times become more and more collectible, there have been a few very good compilations released, which makes things more accessible for those cheap or poor bastards out there, but if you're after any of the slightly harder to find original lp's then make an appointment with your kindest bank manager. Massiere's twisted Funked out take on things Cosmic, Disco, Pop and more ensures that his music is always very interesting and often not like anything else around (now and then).

Hitting the stores tomorrow is a very nice collection of JPM edits by Bonar Bradberry, PBR Streetgang and Softrocks called 'The Unreleased' which by the way comes with an excellent bespoke hand drawn illustration by Mikey Brain (see image) on the center label. The release is super delicious and one of the finer sets of edits out at the moment. It was due to come out last year but it got buried under record label red tape. Now it's found a new route to your ears and hopefully your collection. Softrocks take on 'Sunday Morning Fever' in a manner not all that dissimilar to the Ray Mang version which we gave away awhile back, except they've left more of the original vocals in which is excellent, plus this is the closest most of us will get to having this brilliant track on vinyl. PBR do a little homage to JPM using the vocal and sounds only original 'Onomatopaeia' on top of some Streetgang magic, as well as re-working the funk heavy 'Toi Qui Baisiers'. It's all good, but it's Bonar's club ready re-wire of 'Space Woman' which takes the prize for utilizing JPM's original in a modern dubbed out manner. Check it below, check the other tracks here, and see you on the wonky dancefloor.

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