Saturday, June 12, 2010


Things have been a bit slow around here lately, you'll understand i have been crazy busy at work. That said, I have a bunch of good things lined up for you and only need to add that if you haven't downloaded the Stupid Human Press Play yet, then get on it, it's right up there with the best of them. The other thing I need to mention is some of the older Press Plays have somehow become unhinged over time, so I have been slowly repairing that; Juju & Jordash's excellent head trip is back up, as is Cosmic Boogie's excellent mix for the series. Brubekk's mix is still missing, however I'll get that up shortly and if you spot any others with links that don't work, let me know. OK on to the music...

Although I was slow in getting to In Flagranti, by the time they started their Sounds Superb series I was sold. Their cut ups of a variety of known and hard to find gems are, well... superb! There is a deliberate roughness and edgy mash up energy to many of their tracks, they're also often quiet short and feel, as a result, slightly throwaway. Working under a thousand pseudonyms Flagranti have quickly mastered their leftfield sonic art attack, but not more so than on their bumping, pitch shifting, re-boil of 'Upside Down'. Last seen and heard on Sounds Superb Volume 6 on their very excellent Codek Records. Have played this into the ground... and it still keeps bouncing back.

Sana Doris - Pseudo Wind 

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