Friday, August 27, 2010

it looks like love again

If there is one track that has seen a great deal of previous edit, sample and remix action it's Vincent Montana aka Goody Goody's 'It Looks Like Love'. Some of those reworks are excellent, hence I would have thought it untouchable or even overworked. Disco Deviance's Nocturnal Music clearly felt differently and it seems they've come up with an ultra fresh refresh of this ubiquitous classic, which is as good as anything else the label has put out and gets serious props from Greg Wilson amongst others. On the flipside of their newest 12" for DD, Nocturnal take on Convertion's Vanguard single 'Sweet Thing' and come up with a very nice 'conversion' for modern dance floors. Class action both sides then and in particular the renamed 'southern nights' will conquer even the most ardent edit weary bruiser...

Southern Nights (Nocturnal edit) PREVIEW by nocturnal music

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