Thursday, August 26, 2010

Press Play #39 - Jdisco

LA's Jdisco is our latest Press Play guest and once again I am thoroughly delighted to have such an amazing talent joining the ranks of what is surely one of the best mix series' on the net. Yeah yeah, it's ok if I blow my own trumpet every once in awhile. Of course you're probably already aware of the man's rather infrequent but also stellar releases through his own Topshelf Records (home to four killer 12"s) as well as his latest 12", a Topshelf Records sampler which also features the very talented Rayko and an incredible edit from Bottoms Up aka Phoreski  (If you're not aware of it, you need this in your collection, go and check it out).

So Jdisco's selection is superb and far out in ways I find difficult to describe. It's Disco, but not as we know it Jim. There's a little Electro Space Cowboy Funk Rock Disco mixed in with some Middle Eastern glitterball Bluegrass or something along those lines, you tell me... Thankyou so much to another man in LA who hooked this up for me and a huge thanks to Jdisco himself for bringing this truly delicious and very special ride to anoe. Please go listen to the latest Topshelf 12" then hunt it down and in the meantime grab this once in a lifetime groover now!!!

Press Play #39 - Jdisco - Feeling Breezy

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