Friday, September 24, 2010

biker disco with get a room!

Get A Room!'s third release for Small Time Cuts is as leftfield and as off the wall as their first two excellent records. Jeff Lasson & The Rove Dogs once again trawl through the mouldiest crates in the dankest of basements, in search of undiscovered dusty gold for their re-editing delight. Their tasty two tracker contains 'Get a Sequencer', a shady data Disco monster and a Motorhead meets Fitoussi era Vangelis chugger called 'So Close To Hell'. Once again these French diggers out beard the hairiest of Disco lovers with their specialist finds, and once again only 500 copies go out worldwide. Get the record, you'll be playing it for years... 

So Close To Hell - Get A Room! Edit

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