Monday, September 27, 2010

my baby's got esp

ESP Institute, Andrew Hogge aka Lovefinger's mind boggling label, is undoubtedly one of the year's most exciting developments; Andrew's other label BlackDisco, his blog and various projects were all previously, glaring indications of the man's unmatchable talent for seeking out the very best in obscure music from the past. His work, however, with ESP Institute really does take it to an entirely new and shimmering level. I was meant to write a review of their recent compilation 'Concentration Vol1.', in fact i did, but it became so long and dangly that I abandoned it entirely, lest i should come across as a whimpering blithering idiot in the light of what is a truly great and timeless collection of music. Now the Institute have two new 12"s out from Tokyo based duo Cos/Mes...

'Chaosexotica' (the third of four planned releases) comes in it's original form, along with a Thomas Bullock aka Welcome Stranger remix.That's probably the very least one could say about the 12". The duo claim the single as their most 'aggressive arrangement to date' which is certainly true; though it starts out with a minimal outlook, things quickly develop into a complex, very deep, and many layered House monster with traces of Trance, Disco & Dub House, though not like anything you've heard before. It's a big room, late night stormer made for leftfield dancers and discerning ears. The remix is an equally epic, but also psychedelic ride, with a superb experimental and dubbed out basement outlook and an ever growing field of sound.

The second of the four 12"s, 'Gozmez Land', is right on the money for me; it's a foreign 'sounds fantastic' travelogue, it's the soundtrack of an island at unease with itself, it's ancient ways fiercely negotiating a place with it's future flights of fantasy, it is in fact, simply genius. 'Gozmez Land' meanders and evolves along a hyper descriptive path, eventually morphing into a pulsing, Tribal House beauty; it's highly original and packed with detail. The TBD remix really takes the cake however; by twisting the original into a teasing Disco House (well kind of) party stormer, Justin Van Der Volgen & Lee Douglas have come up with a brilliant mesh of dancing goodness. Watch out for the break, a heavily detailed blend of noise and sonic alterations which will surely take the roof off. TBD's 'Land' is NY Tribal House updated and re-imagined for Funk seekers and Disco trained feet, it's the track of the year, for me, so far. Support this label!!!!

[ESP003B] COS/MES - Gozmez Land (snippets) by ESP Institute

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