Monday, October 18, 2010

midnight gold

Ambassador's Reception put out the very excellent 'Disco Diva Delights Vol 1.' CD Compilation last year; it was, I thought, one of the finer compilations of the year. While the collection's title suggests no more than your average collection of commonplace diva action, it is in fact a diggers trove of some very expensive and relatively hard to find Disco gems. Tracks from Hot Sauce, Black Hole and Satin & Green are worth the asking price alone. One of my current favourites has to be Top Secret's 'Dancing To Midnight', a brilliant Pat Desario production which, on vinyl, will set you back a few dollars. Why are my favourite records always so damned expensive ? In an attempt to put some real Disco back into the mix here on anoe, here's the Top Secret track... top dollar!

Top Secret - Dancing to Midnight


Anonymous said...

Fantastic ! Love it !! Thanks

chris keys said...

:) it is fantastic.. ta for the comment.