Thursday, October 28, 2010

walk in the night

Friend and fellow music enthusiast of note, Finn Cambell Notman aka Finness aka one half of The Groovers recently send me an edit he'd commissioned from Ed Samuel (so he could spin it at his Birthday no less). Finn tells me Ed has done some rather good edits in the past, plus they're old friends, so Mr Notman took the opportunity to ask Mr Samuel for a lil' rework of Junior Walker and the All Stars' Disco Funk track 'Walk In The Night'. Finn got the original record when he was just 13 and it's clearly an old favourite. I don't know the original, but i can say the Ed Samuel edit is excellent, plus due to the kindness of Mr Notman I get to hand it over to you... Happy Birthday Finn and thanks for the lovely edit (you too Ed)... More music for life!! Off to find a copy of the original.. hot tune!!

Ed Samuel - Junior Spesh

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