Tuesday, November 02, 2010

electro pyramid

Boogie records, especially the rarer ones, are just like harder to find Disco records; very expensive in the hands of street wise dealers, often over hyped and inevitably under played. Pyramid Plus' 1983 7" only, single 'Comin' At Ya' is a bit of a holy grail for Boogie/ Electro collectors, it's also an amazing record. I know I bang on a lot about the price of records, but i do find it interesting... maybe you do too. This 7" has been seen and sold for upward of $350 on some sites. The track itself is pretty wild with it's heavily vocoded, tuneful vocals and lots of deep Electro keyboard magic, in fact it's a real diamond. Let's hope one of us gets lucky and finds a cheap as chips copy in a box of dusty 7"s...

Pyramid Plus - Comin' At Ya

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