Wednesday, November 03, 2010

domes doors edit

I recently came across Croatian producer Domes' clever and wonderful edit of The Doors' 'American Prayer/Ghost Song' on Soundcloud. Like Domes I used to be a big Doors fan when I was much younger, but of course outgrew the Jim Morrison interest/obsession not long after. Later, on re-listening to their catalogue, Domes' focus shifted onto the amazing instrumentation and song writing behind JM's posturing. There are a few lesser known Doors tracks which I've discovered over the years which are very fine, but Domes has managed to extract pure Disco magic from Manzarek's beautiful keyboard licks on 'American Prayer' &  'Ghost Song' which feature on the 'American Prayer' album (actually billed as Jim Morrison's record with music by The Doors). He's also added in new beats, removed all traces of Jim and any guitar solos, and sprinkled a little Moog magic over the top. Check out the edit below and grab a copy  using the down arrow on the player...very pretty!

The Doors - An American Prayer / Ghost Song (Domes' instrumental edit) by domes

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