Friday, December 17, 2010

blak's back

I need to give you a heads up about the new Blakula ep which sees them handing over 5 new 'Library' version of some of the tracks from their truly brilliant, recent LP. 'Permanent Midnight (The Library Versions Vol 1)' is exactly as the promotional copy states, 'perfect for setting the scene for any bitter and desperate ride through the alienated landscapes of a city’s darkness', these versions are more like interludes or sound scapes where the original song structures are almost entirely obliterated by spooked out Kraut/Psyche adventures in aural voodoo. Only 'Miss Morgue' retains some of the original versions groove, though here the tempo is stretched out into a lush slo mo groover. 'Vampire State Building' is the longest outing of the lot, and as it's the 'White Light/ White Heat/ White Noise' version, one can easily imagine the vampire going head to head with John Cale and his velvety cronies. Very far out and not a dj friendly track in sight... seriously fine!!!

Blakula - Miss Morgue (Deep Red Version)

Oh... I also need to let you know about a delicious Sergio Rizzolo edit of 'Miss Morgue' which is up on Soundcloud for your down loading needs. Sergio, an old a.n.o.e. friend and a man with some very fine edits of more obscure finds, felt (as i do) that the original just isn't long enough. Hence the edit...

Blakula! - Miss Morgue (Rizzolo Extended Disco Mix) by SERGIO RIZZOLO

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