Saturday, December 18, 2010

it is getting better

Ok here's another one of those dusty gems which needed airing up in here... Awhile back (June 09), I put up a track by German band Atlantis called 'Friends'. The track was from their live album. I knew very little about the band back then, in fact I only heard 'Friends' because of a recommendation made to me by the very talented & knowledgeable Frank de Kova aka Jupiter Tuning Center. Well... further investigation was required, though one doesn't have to dig very far to find quiet a few gems by the marvelous Inga Rumpf and her cohorts. Apparently I need to check out Inga's solo work too, but her bands first two LP's are worth picking up. Check out, for example, the title track from their 1973 album 'It's Getting Better'... instant beard classic!

Atlantis - It's Getting Better

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