Thursday, December 23, 2010

mann made

With the year almost over and a flat out onslaught of new tunes from big names and prolific sources arriving each day, you'll have to be keen eared and sparkly bright in order not to miss out on spotting essential releases from lesser known individuals and newly formed labels. Audio Parallax Records wont be lesser known for very long mind you, and with the heavy salvo of top class releases they have coming up, they wont be very hard to pick out in a crowd either. You may have already noticed that I added their logo to the label links on the sidebar a few weeks back, I'm hoping you've already visited their pages. They have a fresh vision and a pioneering approach to putting out new sounds. If you've not already done so, please go check out their great content and tune into their regular podcasts, do it here!

Anyway Audio Parrallax have their first release coming up shortly (14th of Jan), a digital ep from Mannmademusic; a man who's already created quiet a name for himself on Soundcloud where he has over 1000 followers. Iain Mann takes his inspiration from KDJ and MoodyManc amongst others; there is that distinctive Disco loop love and a genuine underground feelin' to his sounds. 'Deep Soul', the opening track on the ep is 'Deep Burnt' re-invented for slo mo Disco groovers, it's familiar inspirational vocal samples and segments expand the tracks already deep and wide spaces into an epic and heady brew of blissed out sunset shuffling. NY head Matthew Kyle aka MK's remix of the tune follows; he re-treads the beat, re-slices the diced vocals and further stretches the idea into a horizontal, bump 'n grind, mood setter. Lastly you'll find another track of Mannmademusic's called 'Sounds Of Old', a similar choppy, string filled builder with subtle changes and languid Disco rhythms. Nothing on the ep is overly complex, the tracks build and flow like a fine double thick, they're hypnotic, melancholic and simultaneously deeply uplifting. Check the tracks below and get Audio Parrallax on your radar...

MANNMADEMUSIC - Deep Soul EP by mannmademusic

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