Friday, December 24, 2010

happy holidays

Having been around this end of the web-o-sphere for over four years now, I realise it was always inevitable that Another Night On Earth would develop and grow in fairly unpredictable ways; I for one could not have predicted the guests who would agree to participate in our Press Play series so far (more well known, obscure and yet to be discovered heads have already signed up too), much the same as I could not have predicted the various rises and declines in the number of readers of these here pages. This last year has seen me posting less music up in general and certainly fewer tracks for downloading, but I'm also sure, in my mind at least, that the quality of sounds has been pretty high. Another Night is always going to be about new tunes as much as it will be about classics and dusty grooves of various kinds and genres; I'm not a purist and have long felt that mixing it all up is the most fun. So here's wishing ya'll happy holidays, I hope santa brings you at least a few records on your want lists and I hope you are around those you love... xx



cockneybarrowboy said...

Happy New Year, Chris,
Nuff respekt,

chris keys said...

;) ta Rob! wish you a great year ahead. perhaps 2011 will see me head back to CT to spin some tunes :) well its CT or Croatia - or both... :)