Saturday, January 01, 2011

draggin' my heels

2011 is upon us, you survived the tumultuous 2010, so we have much to be grateful for. Last year was jammed to the hilt with great music, some of which got filtered through to these pages and of course loads of excellent tracks, albums and compilations didn't, due mainly to time constraints. One of those that didn't would be the seriously cool Balearic Mike & Kelvin Andrews compilation 'Down To The Sea & Back' on Wonk Music. With sleeve notes from Bill Brewster, Mike & Kelvin, artwork from Andy Votel and a collection of very fine dusty grooves (though two of the tracks are from more recent years), this first volume in the series is simply one of the finest compilations around, it's the sort of CD that serves to remind one of the trans-formative nature of true and uncommon sounds. From Nacht Und Nebel to Fern Kinney to the Osmond's 'I,I,I' and of course The Willow Band's seminal 'Willowman', you get a Balearic un-mix of real music which flows like a wizard's cape in a summer breeze. Essential listening from 2010 which will live long after it's release date....

The Hollies - Draggin' My Heels (Special Disco Version)

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