Sunday, December 05, 2010

choice weapons

If you've spend a bit of time on the deep side of Soundcloud you will have heard more than a few tracks by Deep Space Orchestra, a duo who've built a solid reputation for cracking a new chasm of forward thinking open on Deep House floors. Soundcloud is one thing, but the duo have a bunch of vinyl releases coming up which are going to change things for them, well I reckon so anyway. Actually you'll find more illustrious playas like Kirk Degiorgio, Michael Rutten, Scott Grooves & Floating Points amongst those already spinning the good good stuff DSO have cooked up for their debut ep on their own imprint Weapons Of Choice. Chris Barker & Si Murray know their onions; classic Deep House & Techno inform their productions, but they innovate with deeply meshed intergalactic synths and great spiraling clouds of sliced melody and sound matter.  I'd venture to say that I haven't been this into a House act since the days of Schmoov or Digs & Woosh or Nail or Essa. Learn more about the duo here.

Winding Road, Home Taping, Tracky Bottoms, Foto and ART have also put money behind up coming releases from DSO, so keep your eyes fixed on new release pages for those and check out my favourite from their 'Trust Skynet' EP...spend money here. Did I mention there's a Revenge remix on the 12" too...

Deep Space Orchestra - Clockwork Ninja - Use of Weapons by Deep Space Orchestra

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