Friday, December 10, 2010


Before I continue with the fresh stuff, I think it's time to check out some dusty gems. I've been sitting on a few things which should be on a.n.o.e. and now is as good a time as any to get 'em up. First off is the flip side of 'Lady Angie', the Andy Nelson track which I wrote about back in July (see here if you like). 'Bionic Eyes', which a reader named Lazlo rightly points out in the comments of the aforementioned post, is heavily plugged by Dâm Funk, it's almost made specifically for him. The track is a breezy Boogie evergreen from 1982, it's plush keyboards are sublime, the vocals aren't super slick, which only adds to the airy feel of this gem. For those of you who dont yet know this track, I suspect it will be joining your ever growing list of favourites.

Andy Nelson - Bionic Eyes (12" Version)


Laszlo said...

Never saw the 12"!
Prices are ranging from 43€ to 100€ on discogs...

chris keys said...

yeah not cheap! ;)