Saturday, December 11, 2010

jumbo saturday

Jumbo aka Jumbo '76 aka Jumbo '75 released their album 'Turn On To Love' in 1976 on a variety of labels, or perhaps they were picked up by different labels for different territories. Either way you'll find it on Prelude or Barclay or RCA Victor or a couple of other more obscure Euro labels. The album I have is actually called 'Sexy Lady', after the single which features on the record. I like most of this LP, but for some reason or other I really love a track called 'Saturday'; it may be quiet kitsch, it may even be a bit Pop, it's catchy too, but it also has a sweet soulful hook, strangely embedded vocals and a breezy groove. It's Saturday so 'Saturday' it is...

Jumbo - Saturday

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