Tuesday, January 25, 2011

jaz #1

Another of last year's must have 'compilations' has to be 'A Mix By JAZ' on the very classy Claremont 56; there were only 200 pressed up in October of 2010, and if you didn't manage to get your hands on one then, you may still find a copy or two loitering about on the internet somewhere... go digging!! The double cd takes the listener/dancer on an epic ride and includes some of John Zahl's favourite dusty Disco Rock, Italo and Leftfield gems. Both cd's are packed with tracks you may have heard before in his brilliant online mixes, in fact if JAZ had a 'Greatest Hits' cd, this would be it. John really does have an uncanny knack for finding unpolished, strange, beautiful and seriously funky music from the 70's and very early 80's, much of which is unknown to most of us. That said, we're learning; I personally have picked up a number of records I first heard in sets of his.

If, like me, you're a dedicated fan, you've probably already downloaded JAZ' recent installment for his 'Show Me On The Doll' series on Noncollective; it's another epic dig through eclectic sexy wondrousness... (well give it a listen and you tell me how to describe it). Anyway lastly and most importantly John has very kindly handed over two unreleased edits of his, for your own collection. Here's the first, a high flyin' AOR Disco bomb!

Track removed due to it's upcoming release on the fantastic Messalina (congrats John), a replacement download is on it's way..


the saucer people said...

Any "directions" as to where I can find a rip of the Jaz album...;)

Personally speaking when a mix CD has long sold out (well 4 months ago!) and was in such a limited run anyway, I see no harm in posting a rip of it as everyone is already happy:

Claremont 56/Capricious sell out their 200 limited CD run so they are pleased; Jaz gets bunged a few notes for his trouble; the diggers and hardcore beardos have a prized artefact and their kudos is only enhanced (and the price of the original artefact) when the great internet masses finally get to hear just how good the mix was and wished they had the foresight or connections to have bagged an original copy in the first place!

Damn so you had posted a JAZ (or is now just plain upper and lower case 'Jaz'?) edit that it appears no-one picked up on judging by the lack of comments (though that is not ever an indicator...) mmm...better check Soulseek out to see if it has surfaced ;)

*claps hands in excitement*...so there is going to be a replacement MP3 featuring more Jaz sonic alchemy? Better camp out here in the comments section just in case....;)

chris keys said...

hey Saucer People. I only put up what I'm given permission to (especially newer tracks - the really old stuff i put up regardless) and I never do full albums, I leave that to other less than scrupulous types..

replacement jaz track is in a newer post and theres another one to follow shortly.. so check back.

I hear you on the rip - why not contact Jaz himself and see if he might give you one....

yeah and lack of comments.. it bothers me that so few will actually get into a conversation or leave behind a thankyou.. oh well..

hope you're good man!