Monday, January 17, 2011


Toward the end of the month (29th to be exact) Cos/Mes drop a new track on King Kung Foo Records called 'Naruto', the package comes with an excellent Ronny and Renzo remix, but oh Lord, the original is slo mo, head music from heaven. Cos/Mes are masters of the journey, their individual soundscapes (not to be read as 'music to nod off by') truly offer something new and compelling and 'Naruto', a piece which evolved around the concept of water, is certainly one of the best things they've done so far. It's an epic ride which starts off with superb tribal rhythms and a sparse atmosphere, it quickly develops into a dark island excursion, rich with jungle sounds and exquisite licks of an aching sitar (more like a Japanese string instrument of some sort) hook. Two thirds of the way in, the track morphs into a blissful paradise of sounds and bobbing beats. The fact that Cos/Mes are multi talented individuals who also work as visual artists in other creative fields, helps explain why their music is so visually evocative, so filmic and so richly layered. As usual with King Kung Foo, the artwork on the 12" is also very tasty! Guaranteed long term relationship material!

Cos/Mes - Naruto

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