Tuesday, January 11, 2011

arp oddysey

A sort of general theme to every other post here on anoe over the last weeks has been 'looking back at tracks I should have written about when they came out, only I didnt', Mode's brilliant 'Lo Fi Odyssey', however, just slipped right by me altogether, I only heard it about a week ago. Released in October of 2010 on In Flagranti's Codek Records, 'Lo Fi Odyssey' comes with remixes from The Stallions, Pete Herbert, as well as In Flagranti, which makes it a very desirable record. Of course once you hear it, there's little doubt remaining about bagging it with your next order, that is if, unlike me, you haven't already. The Stallions hand in another of their truly amazing travelogue remix's; Andrew Lovefingers and Lee Douglas are formidable producers on their own, but together they make up one of the most exciting duos of recent times, I reckon anyway. Pete's version is a lush n' deep Disco groover which could well be one of his best and In Flagranti pick up the tempo, add complex airy beats, fresh summer keys and generally sound smoother than they ever have. It really is all down to Mode's original though, a slo mo, Deep House & Boogie hybrid with delicious warm keyboard drops; it's languid and drifting, jammed with sparkling Boogie hooks n' flourishes (that's a genuine Arp keyboard btw) and it's the sort of track that makes you feel like the sun shines 20 fathoms deep. Schmooov!!

MODE - Lo Fi Odyssey by MODEUK

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