Saturday, January 08, 2011

lagos roadblock

At one point I posted a fair bit of Afro heat here on the ol' blog, but it's been awhile and there have been some pretty incredible compilations put out over the last year or so. Strut's 'Next Stop... Soweto' compilations (there are 3 of them) feature loads of goodies, but nothing beats Frank Gossner's 'Lagos Disco Inferno' for pure genius Afrobeat, Funk & Disco from the 70's. Frank's blog Voodoo Funk is easily one of the best sources of info for this end of the spectrum, plus he probably has more quality Afro records than any other individual on the planet, check Dust & Grooves for a marvelous interview and photo story on their recent visit with the man, it's truly inspiring! Anyway if you've not picked up a copy of this beautifully mastered, double vinyl pack, it's time you did. All killer no filler. Interestingly a review of the album on RA explained at great lengths that this collection really is all about the Disco and that it's not one of those mainly Funk oriented Afro compilations which claim links to real Disco. Most good stores have copies, check out Juno for example and check out one of the compilations top tracks!!!

Nana Love - Hang On

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