Friday, January 07, 2011


Almost impossible to find, the original 1969 release of Sunforest's 'Sound Of Sunforest', is one of those pastoral, Folk Rock beauties which hide in unreachable dusty corners. The most well known track from the album 'Magician In The Mountain', has featured on a couple of diggers compilations, most notably Mark Pritchard's 'Feel The Spirit', oh and that second Amorphous Androgynous 'Psychedelic Bubble' CD. So it's not exactly obscure, just damn fine and wonderful on this late friday night.

Sunforest - Magician In The Mountain


Niall Kirk said...

Love this one, had a dodgy mp3 of this somewhere but the quality of this one is much better to listen too. Cheers!

chris keys said...

yeah amazing track ey Niall! glad I could help.