Wednesday, February 02, 2011

jaz #2

Those of you who were lucky enough to grab the Jaz edit from a few posts back, before I took it down, will surely be delighted to know that the track, along with 4 others by the man, have been picked up by Luca Capri and his Messalina label. Until recently, the label was strictly designed around Luca's own edits. Last year, however, he also put out a very nice set of reworks from Lexx. Keep you eyes peeled for the up coming Jaz release, which I know will be an excellent addition to the label's growing catalogue.

The other good news is John has send through an unreleased item to replace the removed file and it is very special, very special indeed... Oh by the way he also recently put a recording of his opening set for Washed Out at Peaches Pop Up Restaurant in his home town Charleston up on Soundcloud, it's definitely worth checking out, do so here.

Jaz - Who Dares


smassmusic said...

something's wrong with the link, i think...

chris keys said...

thanks for the alert. must remember to not do posts at 3 o clock in the am :)