Thursday, February 03, 2011

rush back!!

Sleazy Beats are already onto their 6th release, thier newest ep will find it's way into stores pretty damn shortly. So arm yourselves with cash and be sure to grab 'em fast as Sleazy releases never hang about, except of course in the charts of discerning Slo Mo dj's and producers. SBR006 is a 3 track ep called 'The Night He Came Home' and it's from Oz upstarts The Francis Inferno Orchestra (Wolf Recordings, Under The Shade, Dikso), it includes at least one of the smoothest, deepest, and loveliest mid tempo, Housed up edits of the last few years. Yes, 'Rush Back' is a super fine, 80's, summer bump 'n grind which surely outdoes most of what's available in this end of the market right now. The thing about Slo Mo House/Edits is it's a style and sound which I believe should be much bigger here in SA, what with our defining mid tempo or 'Slow Jams' scene from some 15 or more years ago; slowed down club tracks were the lifeblood of early warehouse parties in Soweto and around the country for many years. It was, for me, a very exciting time in music. Sadly Slow Jams are not very big here anymore, but with the right plugging I reckon it could be again, especially with massive gems like the ones available on this ep.

There are of course two other tracks on the ep, both of which are really very good; FIO's rework of the evergreen 'Sunshine Love' is very nice and while there have been quiet a number of re-shuffles of the original already, theirs does add a lil' new magic to the proceedings. The thing is, how does one ever move on from playing 'Rush Back'? Given the choice of picking up the 12" and adding a track from it into a live set, you're going to have to choose 'Rush Back' every time, for it's fresh keys, for it's joyous vocals and for it's super infectious shuffling groove. Sublime!!

Rush Back [SBR006] by Francis Inferno Orchestra


Jonathan Piper said...

I think what everyone forgets is that this is not that different to the original, it's just a 'beefed-up' version. If you don't know The Jones Girls then you most definitely should...

"Knockin'" is the original track. And if you like that, "To win you back" should be next on your listening list, a big rare groove and boogie track in the mid to late 80s.

chris keys said...

you're right of course, it's mainly just beefed up. but it's the fact that they bring it back that works so much for me. I love the original and have some memories about when i first heard it, so i guess it has a real impact for me. 'To win you back' is awesome.. thanks for the comments J - nice one!