Tuesday, March 15, 2011

more than just two filthy bootleggers

Ever since their first release, I've wondered about the personalities behind Get A Room!. They've chosen real obscurities to go at with scalpels for their Small Time Cuts releases and there is an equally cultish air about their sleeve graphics too (done by Trevor Jackson in one instance). Hence one wonders... It's quiet exciting, to find then, that the 'mysterious' French duo have launched a website and blog. Small Time Cuts is their new online home. You'll discover mixes and a place to buy their 12"s, plus you'll find some ramblings and some blogged tracks. All of which should help with any wonderings you might have had. Go delve into their world... oh and plus - here's a download of their wonderful edit of Valerie Allington's 'Stop' to celebrate!

Get A Room! - The Valery Stop

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