Thursday, March 17, 2011

press play #44 - Dj Brevil

Bondi resident and dj Dale Stephen aka dj Brevil has been playing and collecting records for many years, he's a trained classical musician who's worked both double and electric bass for a number of Australia's touring singers and bands all through the 80's and 90's, he surfs, he's a chef and he makes a mean edit. Dale will tell you that getting into the dark art of editing, has revived his passion for dj'ing and if you know his tracks, you'll have felt his fervor. Brevil's pulsing edits twist and unfold like kaleidoscopic excursions made for smiling and dancing at 2am in sweaty strobe lit basements.I've been a fan for some time, following him on SoundCloud and downloading anything that becomes available on his page. He's also had a few releases on Superbreak's digital label; his version of 'R'nB Junkie' went to number one on the charts and his edit of 'Freakman' was play listed by Alexander Robotnik no less. Vinyl junky fans will be delighted to hear he has a new release coming up on a London based label very damned shortly. 

'Brevil's Playground' is a mostly midtempo, head bangin' festival Disco mix which I'm delighted to have join the Press Play series. It's quiet similar to the set Dale played at this years Playground Weekender, a four day festival held north of Sydney. To get the full on experience while checking out the mix, try imagining a thousand or more, dressed up Ausie revelers getting down to some dirty Disco in a field... not that you'll need the extra stimulation, 'Brevil's Playground' is on fire! Thanks so much Dale for dropping in and upping the heat!

Press Play #44 - Brevil's Playground 

Track List:
1 Eddie C - Dub Up The Edit (Brevil's PGW Slight Touch-up Version)
2 Duffdisco - Fame (Brevil's PGW Slight Touch-up Version)
3 Rene and Angela - I’ll be good (Brevil Edit)
4 Tornado Wallace - Be My Ladyboy (Brevil's PGW Slight Touch-up Version)
5 Jacques Renault - Pleasure
6 Kaoru Inque - The Secret Field (Brevil vs TT Edit)
7 Janet Jackson - R n’ B junkie (Brevil's Almost Bakdor Edit)
8 Brevil - Oh so poor
9 Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Brevil's PGW Edit)
10 Situation - Sutra Love
11 James Chance & The Contortions - Incorrigible (Liv Spencer & dj Spun Remix) 


Anonymous said...

it's the bomb-diddly!!!!! Brevil cooks up a storm - yummmmm

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