Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sen & Cazbee

I can talk about two releases in one post cant I? There are two current vinyl must haves to add to your baskets, both of which feature Sen and Cazbee; the first is their new ep for Autodiscotheque (available in stores now), the second is the third volume of 'DC Reworks' on Pyramid Disco (in stores shortly) which features another track from the pair... A little while ago the duo released a double sider called 'Cat Dance/Lifetie', actually it was in October 2008. It was a double debut for both Autodiscotheque and the Sen Cazbee combo. 'Cat Dance' kind of ripped the pulsing heart out of Kat Mandu's 'I Wanna Dance' and represented it as a spiraling dj tool. It became a bit of a theme tune for me, I still play it now (along with a number of their Mixed Blood releases). 

You could say the two make edits, but their diggers know how and their taste for underground, percussive, body poppin', Disco Not Disco puts them in a different space from most of the edits scene. Check any of their releases on their own Mixed Blood label, for I'm a Cliche, for Chopshop or Autodiscotheque to hear their inimitable style. Their latest EP for Autodiscotheque is typically excellent; each of the three included tracks make for heavy, left field dance floor dynamite, perfect for sweaty, strobe lit, cavernous throw downs. Check the mighty 'Shake It" below for example. 

Autodiscotheque 06 B2 - Richard Sen & Cazbee - Shake It by Autodiscotheque Music

Once you've bagged the Autodisco release, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming DC Le Roux/ Pyramid Disco 12", which will be on yer local's shelves in a couple of weeks. Additional items from Social Disco Club and Jacques Renault will seal the deal, but Sen and Cazbee's take on "Do You Want The Real Thing' is truly superb (check it below). Granted the original DC Le Roux track from "Thank God It's Friday' is it's own brilliant star but the duo's slo mo edit gives me giant goosebumps. I reckon you'll be playing both these 12"s for years...

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