Tuesday, March 22, 2011

soul talking

Italian producer and musician Mario Capuano released an excellent Funk and Soul album called 'Soul Talk Orchestra' in 1975, the album was co-written by his brother Giosy, Douglas Meakin and Mike Fraser. Strangely the album was re-released in 1978 with a cover version of John Williams' 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' added in. It was renamed 'Close Encounters', as was the artist, now the reduced Capuano. I don't own the record, though I'll gladly look after your copy if you like. Anyway I've been repeatedly playing the very infectious title track 'Soul Talk' from it just recently. You'll find the whole LP is amazing, but for starters give this mighty meandering sparkler a listen. Excuse the not so hot quality of the rip... Talks to the soul it does!

Mario Capuano - Soul Talk


scottio bliss said...

what a weird backstory for this album. maybe mr. capuano ate one too many funny mushroom. that is truly odd though.
tune and a half though man. for sure.

chris keys said...

scottioooooooo!!! hey man! was happenin!?