Sunday, April 24, 2011

deco lady

Continuing then with tunes found while digging in crates... I've actually been sitting on this track for some time, I thought I might do an edit of it, you know make it a little longer, a little more dj friendly and such, but the more I looked into it, the more I felt it didnt need one. It's not a particularly rare track or a particularly rare album (though I haven't seen it on blogs or in any of the usual digging spots at all), it's kind of like one of those incredible Robert Palmer tracks that popped up everywhere over recent years, his records certainly aren't rare but you had to check out his earlier albums to find those real gems. 'Deco Lady' by Rupert Holmes is an amazing lush mid tempo Disco groover, with marvelous camp lyrics and smooth strings heavy breaks and it resides on his debut LP on Epic from 1975. It's the sort of record one might gloss over while hunting, but you know how it goes, every record must be checked, just in case... So maybe you heard this dynamite track for the first time right here...

Rupert Holmes - Deco Lady

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