Friday, April 22, 2011

press play #45 - Lord Of The Isles

Lord of The Isles has some fantastic music coming out on American Standard, Sleazybeats, Little Strong, Ene Tokyo, Adult Contem- porary and probably a few I don't know about yet. It's not just the labels that love LOTI though, Neil's got quiet a following on Soundcloud too where you'll find his tunes cover a range of very deep and atmospheric flavours; he produces original material and he works on edits. Moody, spacey, intricate, melodic, light twisting, evolving, shape making, thought massaging, synth abusing, underground and often slightly melancholic journeys are the Lord's way. Best of all (for me anyway), he's also just joined the mega talented few who's mixes make up a.n.o.e.'s Press Play series. 

#45 aka 'Another Earth At Night' is a masterclass in deep oscillating underground House, it hovers at that intricate electronic, low coma, experimental, loop level for some time before piping in sweet blasts of air and bright lights. If you are or were ever a true Deep House head this is going to appeal greatly to you. I definitely don't mean that soulful sleep House or Vocal House or Funky House which all but obliterated my interest levels in the genre. The Lord goes in for that heavy smudged Detroit sound, mixed up with a little classic Chi Town Deep House, a little dusky beats from Edinburgh, some Ukrainian magic, throw in some genius Romanthony and you have a slice of the night with Lord Of The Isles. Massive gratitude goes to Neil for this, now the pleasure is yours...

Press Play #45 - Lord Of The Isles - Another Earth At Night

Track list:
Sudden Landing - Fudge Fingas
Blame It On The Boogie - Theo Parrish, Osunlade and Rick Wilhite
Here’s Your Trance Now Dance - Omar S
2x5: Movement 3 Fast - Steve Reich (Vakula mix)
Morning Fever - Ron Trent
Solar Funk - Kyle Hall
The Brand New Heavies – Close To You (Maw Mood Dub)
Deep Horizons - Rick Wilhite
One Off - People Of Earth
Fudge Fingas – Shake Off
Romanthony – It’s Not The Same
Danse City – Lunar Tune
On A High - Ozone 

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