Monday, April 18, 2011

may you can

As Saturday was Record Store Day 2011 I went digging in my favourite spot, I found some great records as luck would have it and thus I've decided to give the edits a break for a bit and focus on some original music and a few recent crate finds. Finding a record like Five Letters 'Hysteries' on the original Crocos Records in a bin in a store in Johannesburg is unlikely, but thanks to someone who brought it in and let it go, it now resides happily in my collection. It's quiet a mad album to say the least, but the last cut on the record 'May You Can' is stellar. There are edits of it already out there, it appears on a Rong Music/How & Why? Edits 12" and also on one of Felix Dickinson's Bastedos releases. Perhaps because the original isn't so easy to digest, perhaps because its packed with glorious breaks, perhaps because it's way too short, it was inevitable that the track would be dug up and re programmed for current ears; the deep 'n spacey intro alone is worth attention. That said 'May You Can is the standout moment on the LP, where Five Letters harness their warped and far out Disco ideas and produce a catchy high octane, almost soulful jaunt. Later of course there would be 'Tha Kee Tha Tha' and a few other very worthy bits...

Five Letters - May You Can


Shawn Ryan said...

I recognize the break from somewhere... What are the names of the edits? I'd like to check them out!

chris keys said...

hey Shawn!
check this :


Shawn Ryan said...

Thanks Chris!

I was at a friend's gig last night & he played the Hot Coins version of Fantastic Voyage. I thought about how awesome it is that someone from South Africa put some DJs in Philadelphia onto the edit. Keep up the great work!

chris keys said...

nice one Shawn - small world innit?