Sunday, May 22, 2011

half man half coyote

Coyote are on a roll, their last single 'Always' for Need Want has been building fires on beaches across Europe for the last month or so (check those class Neville Watson remixes too if you haven't already), there's a hot new remix of Runaway's classic 'Dead Dog Farm' out soon from On The Prowl,  and now there's news of a new album. 'Half Man Half Coyote' will be in stores in the next month, it's a fantastic follow up to their lovely 'Harlyn Bay' LP from 2 years back. Staying true to their love of the island life, Timm Sure and Ampo have produced a beautiful and seductive album of Balaeric, Dub and worldly variants. You get a definite sense that the pair have really settled into their sound; the melodies are bewitching, the warm production is achingly precise and palpable though never glossy, there is a wider palette of instrumentation, and they invoke a vast tradition of Balearic tunes with apparent ease. You still get a bunch of 'enlightenment voice overs' designed to massage your mind, which I have to say I love, it's very Coyote. But these are overlaid onto song structures which mostly go beyond words. There are a couple of vocal tracks too and in particular 'Our Time', a bitter sweet, melancholic, canyon of a beauty is destined for classic status, check the clip below. Max Essa, Huw Costin, IPG and Penuckle are amongst those who drop in to help out, the result is a record with a wider and deeper range of sound than 'Harlyn Bay'. Future classic Balearic opus indeed and guaranteed sunshine in a box!

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