Saturday, May 21, 2011

dont be afraid

Don't Be Afraid are launching two new EP's with a top night that includes Photonz, Bullion, Alex Chase, Mr Beatnik, Architeq and Semtek (what a line up!). Check out the invitation here on Facebook for those of you who will be in London on the 27th of this month. It's important to know the first of the two EP's has already been getting support from the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Neville Watson, Mugwump, and Disco Bloodbath, and Gilles Peterson premiered the second 12" on his Worldwide show just before International Record Store Day. Don't Be Afraid is primarily the home of Cambridge born artist Semtek and it's his Bob James sampling bomb 'WestAcydShelter' that's at the center of first of the two Ep's (DBA004). Semtek actually rebuilt the main hook from 'Westchester Lady' from scratch, then repositions it in a field of jacking electronica; check out the track below. Importantly the 12" also comes with a killer Photonz remix which should have any of Andy Blake's 'World Unknown' heads in a total sweat. 

The second of the two EP's (DBA004) contains three original tracks from Mr Beatnick and a remix by Tirk's Architeq. Late last year Mr Beatnick's released his 'The Fourth Day' 7" single on Futuristica Music, the flip side 'Fallin Apples' was a personal favourite, it's a superbly rich, deep 'n tweaked downtempo track which deserves multiple listens. The New EP is probably even better; it's full of innovative, sophisticated and diverse moves. Each track explores quiet different ideas with immense detail, pitting modern electronica against superb antique sounds with immensely pleasurable results. The clip of Beatnick's opening track 'Synthetes' (which also gets the remix) is a direct rip from Gilles' show. Future beats then, on both counts...

DBA004 - West Acyd Shelter (Release Date May 9th) by Semtek

Synthetes - ripped off BBC Radio 1 Gilles Peterson show by mrbeatnick

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