Sunday, May 15, 2011

rue 52

French duo Project Tempo have a second 12" about to hit the stores, and as with their first release on their own Project Tempo label there are a limited number available. I liked the first 12" which had an edit of Carly Simon's big Balearic hit and a Tom Tom Club edit. Thing is it didn't seem absolutely essential, though it did get plays from some lovely folk like Sleazybeats and Dicky Trisco, so I could easily be wrong about that. Their second 12" is a whole other story. The a side is a heavy looped up edit of Gwen Mcrae's 'Funky Sensation' now called 'Get Up & Clap Your Hands', and it's bloody marvelous. The B side edit, apparently of a well known British Soul group (clue is in the name), is destined for serious repeated play here at anoe hq. The duo mention that they've tried to pay homage in the method of the edit, to old school edit heads like Latin Rascals and Shep Petibone, it's superb either way, very dubby... check it... get it... boogie makes the world go round... oh and check their blog here...

Project Tempo - Rue 52 by Project Tempo

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