Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Press Play #47 - The Very Polish Cut Outs

It might not yet be completely apparent, but an underlying theme or intention with a.n.o.e. in 2011 has been to up the diggers content. Thus I have invited a number of dj's who are great at hunting out lesser known gems to contribute mixes for the Press Play series. Some of them are very well known, others less so, but then we've always tried to mix up those who are revered with those we may come to revere later. So as a follow up to that exceptional Basso mix you just got, Press Play goes to Poland for a visit with The Very Polish Cut Outs.

The Very Polish Cut Out's are Zambon and Pnk Discirporation, their thing is bringing a little spotlight onto quality 70's and 80's Polish music. And with some help from friends of theirs (Old Spice, Yacht Rock Disco, Funk Off and others) they've set about recycling and editing a bunch of retro Polish beats to use in mixes and releases. Go and check out their SoundCloud page to get a better idea of what they're up to. Their mix 'Po Drugiej Stronie Świata', which translates as 'The Other Side Of the World', is excellent. I'm not even going to try and describe the music, instead I suggest you succumb to this very cool, eclectic and wizardly journey into deeper Polish grooves. Massive thanks to Zambon and Pnk for hooking up this superb, superb mix!!

Press Play #47 - The Very Polish Cut Outs - Po Drugiej Stronie Świata

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