Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sleazy Beats have a new EP in stores today, it features 4 slo mo Disco bruisers from Milan based artist La Tuerie. Cutting up Disco tracks is pretty much everywhere these days, so you really have to hunt out the tunes that count, that you'll be playing for awhile, maybe even for years (if you get really lucky). But Sleazy Beats have already put out some amazing records, so you know you're in good hands. I think the whole EP is good, but in particular La Tuerie's track 'Zanzibar' makes this slice of vinyl a must have; those deep warm keyboard drops, that rollerskating bump and grind, the block party atmosphere and it's Hip Hop Disco roots all work together to make a heady and very danceable brew. Hot stuff...class action even!! 

(SBR007) La Tuerie - Zanzibar (SNIPPET) by SleazyBeats


bokut said...

woooa..i'm getting this

thanks chris :D

chris keys said...

nice one Bokut.. hope you're well