Tuesday, May 24, 2011

project tempo 'kill the mids, boost the slows'

If, like me, you love the latest 12" from French duo Project Tempo (discussed a few posts below), then you'll want to get on this shiny new mix which they've given us to host. 'Kill the Mids, Boost the Slows' is a manifesto of sweet midtempo boogie and slo mo lovin', looped up House, it also features both sides of their new record. Keep up with the pair over at their fine blog Interesting Blends and soundtrack your next pool party with this...

Project Tempo - Kill the Mids Boost the Slows

Track list:
01: Indeep - Dj's Delight
02: Deadly Sins - You & I
03: 6th Borough Project - Deep C
04: 78 Edits - I'll be True
05: Project Tempo - rue 52
06: Aeroplane - We can Fly (Beat)
07: Mustang - On Mercury
08: Trujillo - Baby your still the Same (original)
09: Project Tempo - Get up and clap your Hands
10: D-Pulse - Velocity of Love (original)

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