Wednesday, June 22, 2011

press play #48 - All Out War

Over the years I don't think i've said too much about Disco label All Out War, it's a bit strange since I'm an all out fan and own at least a couple of their releases on wax. Richard Hardcastle's AOW is a particular thing, strong on personality and quality. What u get are edits which, as Rich puts it, 'attempt to make the track better without ripping it's heart out', plus there is a diggers outlook to what actually gets the chop. If you don't already know, Richard has been contributing to the Disco revival since more or less the start; you may know his releases as Solid State on labels like Toko and Guidance Recordings or Primitive or Cookhouse. Plus there was the Product Of Society edits and releases back in 2005 and 6, a project which began as a sideline to their pioneering Sheffield nite out and transformed over a little time into All Out War. It's a small but potent catalogue thus far, with superb edits from Solid himself, Al Kent and Greg Wilson and of course there are a number of releases already lined up for the future, including original material and remixes. Hardcastle's All Out War, with it's distinctive graphic design, it's A grade tunes and it's anti 'dumbing down' agenda is a definite force on the underground and since for me the mark of great records is how long you'll be playing them for, All Out War is a catalogue to own and play.

Press Play #48 is, I'm delighted to say, 'the 'story so far' mix that brings together the complete All Out War releases (and a couple of unreleased edits) for the very first time.' As is almost always the case, it's truly a big deal for me to be able to hand this mix over to you, it's a classic for sure. If you want to hear more of their influences and current hot tracks you should catch All Out War Radio, a monthly show on myhouseyourhouse and there is their soundcloud page to check out too. Huge thanks go out to Richard for this...

Press Play #48 - All Out War - Wake Up And Smell The Napalm

All Out War Discography:
AOW01 Solid State ‘Prisoners of Wax Volume 1’
AOW02 Greg Wilson ‘Music Is Better Edits’
AOW03 Al Kent ‘Million Dollar Disco Edits’
AOW04 Solid State ‘Dry Ice’

Track list:

All Out War Intro
Spanish Heartbeat (AOW04)
If You Love Me (AOW01/04)
Oxygen (Unreleased)
Down The Mainline (AOW02)
Delirious (AOW03)
Shortwave Radiation (AOW01)
Eddie’s Out (AOW04)
The Magnificent (AOW02)
America (AOW01)
Brock Party (AOW03)
Philly Live (AOW04)
Gonna Dub (Unreleased)


elliotsblake said...

Wow! On mixes like this, there are almost always a couple of tracks that I don't care for and have to fast forward through, but this mix is pure absolute fire from beginning to end!

chris keys said...

could not agree more.. I mean how tight is aow's catalogue?

Solid State said...

Thanks for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed the mix xxxx