Saturday, June 11, 2011

see you november

I found Miroslav Vitous 1976 album 'Majesty Music' in my collection, I must have gotten it from my mom who is a big Weather Report fan. The album is full of that lush vintage sound that I love, though many of the tracks are way too noodley for me. That said there are passages which positively ache with beauty and there are at least two future classics diggers items on it. I know that Miroslav's 'New York City' (not from this album) is a David Mancuso favourite and features in his Loft 100 list in Bill Brewster's 'Last Night A Dj Saved My Life'. 'See You November' from 'Majesty Music' is a wonderful spacey outing with exactly the kind of drums Mancuso favoured at his club, if a little mellow. I have new Press Play mixes for you and a bunch of great tracks which I'll get to as soon as I have this wall of deadlines behind me.. see you in a minute..

Miroslav Vitous - See You November

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