Thursday, June 16, 2011

tobor experiment disco experience

Ok moving on... It's crazy out there right now, there are so many releases hitting the shelves on any given day, it really is easy to gloss over things that might easily, if given the chance, change your life. With the little time I've had over the last year or so, I've failed to punt Bear Funk's killer Kotey Extra Band album, their excellent Hibernation Volume 2 compilation and I've not even so much as mentioned their recent Peter Visti or Ilija Rudman goodies. So I thought it best not to let their latest Tobor Experiment Disco Experience album release go by without at least a glance. The thing is, like so many of the labels projects, this record is so damned fine, it deserves more than just a glance, it deserves a f*cking monument.

Giorgio Sancristiforo is a multitude of things; a synth and software designer based in Milan, he's a Sound artist and he is also Tobor Experiment Disco Experience. Bear Funk released an ep by Giorgio back in the last half of 2008, a highly original and accomplished Euro Disco record which I still play regularly and now of course there is a whole long player of the man's unique sound. Giorgio's own website describes one of the tracks on his lp as sounding like a long lost meeting between Air and Daft Punk, it's a fitting description of most of his work here, but only if Air had been drinking Absinth for a month and Daft Punk were from Italy. It's better than that, Giorgio imports an off kilter Pop into a very Space Disco mix and surprisingly for a hardware head, he plays guitar and bass and does all the vocals. This is a proper album album. I keep saying this about Bear Funk artists, but they do seem to make artist records, the sort of records which could sit comfortably alongside the best records by say Bowie or Steve Harley.  Speaking of Bowie, Tobor's cover of 'Station To Station' is another of the album's highlights.

Sancristiforo's debut long player is a beauty and I decided even though I may never receive another record from Bear Funk as a result, that I would hand over a low res of one of the LP's tracks just to help lure you in. On 'Shivers' you'll find Giorgio mainlining Moroder, Roxy Music and Bowie in equal measures, the result is genius. It's like we've known each other for years...

Tobor Experiment Disco Experience - Shivers

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